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Gualala Gualala? What's that?

   Well, it's a name that's hard to pronounce and even harder to spell. Sometimes it's hard to remember. Some people call it gwa-LA-la, but the natives call it wa-LA-la. This comes from the Kashaya Pomo Indian phrase, "ah kha wa la lee" which means, "Where the water flows down", which makes sense--for the river goes out to the ocean right across from the center of town, right by that big sand bar where the whales stop for lunch every year.

   It's up on the coast of California, north of San Francisco a ways. Not a big place, like some of those expensive resort areas. But, you know, once you've been to Gualala you'll never forget the wonderful times you had there. You'd love it. Use the links at the top of the page to look around and get to know the place.

Gualala from the air    Say! Let's go right now and I'll show you what you've missed. Even just talking about it I can smell that clean salt air and see the whales and seals. I don't know what it is about that area that always seems so calm and natural. I come home feeling like I've found a special private retreat where I can always go when I need to just relax, kick back and have fun. Me and the beach, the redwood trees, and a few whales playing offshore. No boss. No noisy neighbors. No smog.

   And we love the people. They're so calm and happy. I swear it's infectious. I come home smiling like I just won the lottery. And you know, in a way I guess I did. I don't know why I never notice sunsets at home, for instance. But up there. Wow! They have this thing called a green flash during a sunset. At first I thought they were pulling my leg. But it's really true. We saw one and even got a picture of it!

   So, are you packed yet and ready to start exploring? I just can't wait to go back! Come on! Let's go!

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